Reduce by 50 up to 65% the infrared consumption of your blower

ARBOREM technology (patented) can now applied to all types of PET blower.

Without significant modifications of your blower, we can adapt our new infrared process to it.

By then you produce with a consumption from reduced by up 50 to 65%.

This clear commitment can easily be checked by you.

Une nouvelle technologie d'émetteurs Infrarouge

High efficency infrared emitters

Comparative curve

Une technologie disponible pour tous les types d'industrie

ARBOREM Prestations
The main advantages of our technology on the process of your blower are :

       - a effective and permanent reduction of the
         power consumption,

       - very stable process, far less disturbtion generated
         by the blower environment,

       - temperature decrease of the bottle neck and
         the spinner nose.
         (low temperatures, based on controls, by 15 to 20 ° C)



D'importante réduction de consommation

Comparative curves of energy penetration on thick preform


Our approach is focused on the energy absorption by
the PET preform rather than on the increase the power
of the  infrared emitters.

With the current infrared technology (short wave emitters)
the power density prevailes upon the energy efficiency.

With our technology we have developed a IRMHD emitter whose energy is more easily absorbed by the PET.

  The results speak for themselves :
      A rate quality and equal gains
      energy is 50 to 65%.

What economic results ?

 With ARBOREM emitters IRMHD,
  all layers of preforms can be processed:
      - 2.0 to 8.0 mm,

        - or all viscosities, 

        - for all colors,
          - with or without recycled PET (RPET).

  Reliable infrared emitters with higher life of 40 to 60%
  compared to emitters currently in use.


Souffleuse circulaire

Circular or linear blowers
  Avant avec IR Court          

Before modification

Avec les Process ARBOREM

After modification