Paper industry : a demanding profession


The short wave infrared technology of ARBOREM is 
among the most performant.
Our very high power density provides excellent 
results whatever speed your machine runs.
The high efficiency, the low maintenance costs 
as well as the controled running costs are making it 
a perfect tool for your industry.

Moisture profile control system


High density IR module

Coating drying after Size Press


The quality requirements of your markets are leading us and efficient solutions.
Our solutions are offering power densities up to 350 kW/m2 in order to dry safely your most difficult papers.

Process and innovation


We can propose to you combination of contacting or non-contacting web turn with high density electrical infrared.

Theses innovations solutions fit into small spaces while providing a drying level.

New drying concepts

The requirements for quality and efficiency in your industry have lead to new drying concepts combining high density electrical infrared with convective drying.
This high performant drying solution provides improved overall efficiency compared to standard infrared solutions.


Our electrical infrared process control technologiy is at your service.
our electrical infrared equipment works in advanced wave train mode guarantying a high performance level.
Our data processing equipment can be easily integrated into your production management.

New drying concepts

Regulation and control